About me

Hello, thanks for stopping by!

I am originally from the Netherlands but am living since 2003 in Spain. As long as I can remember I have always been creating things. Apart from painting, taking care of my garden and loving tea, macrame has become one of my passions.

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About Hippie Moments

interior macrame

My shop HippieMoments offers digital patterns for macrame plant hangers, shopping bags, wall hangings and key chains. You will find vintage patterns but also modern macrame patterns made by me.

Why Hippiemoments?

Because I found out firsthanded that it was quite difficult to find well explained patterns for macrame, I started to gather patterns (from vintage books and my own), make photos of the process and write them into new step by step tutorials. So there is a lower threshold to start with macrame.

material macrame

I hope you are going to enjoy as much as I do this vintage art :)